My two

My two

My two girls,

Thank you.

For your tender hearts and your forgiveness during these past ten months of pregnancy.

Thank you for forgiving me, when I was less than present and more than emotional. Thank you for moving past it when I was too hard on you or expected too much.

I’m sorry for the days of parenting from the side lying position on the couch, while you served yourself snacks or spread your own peanut butter on nacho chips for dinner. Sorry for the ever decreasing amount of space on my lap to cry into, and the inability to carry you on my hip when you needed.

Thank you for brushing your own damn teeth when I’d passed out on the couch before either of you.

And yes it’s true, your dad really is the superhero parent.

Thanks for getting used to me sighing.

Now that your sibling’s due date is tomorrow, I wonder, will you remember this time and space? Will you recall all the waiting, and wondering how your lives would change? I have, and it’s left me feeling overwhelmed and underprepared, and yet, that shouldn’t have been your burden to carry.

I’m sorry for when I forgot to kiss you goodbye as you slung your own backpack over your shoulder and went out the door.

I’m sorry for forgetting to pack you boots in the dead of winter for daycare.

I’m sorry for the days we just skimmed by.

And yet, despite all my shortcomings the past ten months, you two have blossomed. Whether it was the big teaching the little how to flip-a-roo the winter coat on all by herself, or it was the little comforting the big when she just didn’t feel like going to school and putting in another long day, the two of you really made it through.

Thank you Wren, for holding her hand as she makes her way down the steps, and for buckling her in to her car seat each and every time. Thanks for saying, “Thank you, Mommy” last night at 3am as I simply offered you a glass of water during your coughing fit, and for putting yourself back to sleep without complaint because I just can’t even.

Thank you Millie for your belly rubs in the grocery store, reminding me your compassion never ends even when we’re in hell on earth, and for randomly proclaiming your love for me, unprompted, at just the perfect fourteen times each day.

Thank you both for your maturity.

I’ve struggled these past ten months this time around, my mind consumed with how we’ll make it all work. And yet, you still loved me.

Importantly, I love you. Even on the days I sucked at parenting- probably on those days most.

Thank you for teaching me most everything I know about how siblings work- challenging each other, and yet allowing the other to grow.

You two are more than enough, and yet our new addition will arrive any day now.

How lucky I am, your father, and this baby too, to have your tender, loving hearts in our home.

I love your sibling so much already, and yet, I’ll always remember, and miss, when you were my only two.

With a hug, kiss and a bonk,


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  1. Whitney, that was beautiful, you are just an amazing Mom! Your daughters will cherish that piece of your heart forever!
    XOX Sue and Don

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