Double Yolks

Double Yolks

The baby hums as he sleeps and he smiles as he dreams, while my mind races with preparation for the day to come- there is always so much.

I’m running late again as I race the highway, but the ditches are a visual reprieve. Though boggy, like my sleep-deprived brain, they are accentuated by purple pops of colour this time of year, and I promise the girls we can collect the joyful lupin bouquets on our way home.

They remember, and we do. Clovers were blooming too, just out of the grey gravel, and Millie asks to eat them, distracting her from her hunger.

Once home I’m reminded our dryer is still broken as I hustle to keep up with the laundry demand, but our clothesline cannot be retired, and the children’s washed wet clothing highlight our sunny flourishing fields with their display.

And the sun continues to shine.

It’s the season for plentiful, and double yolker eggs in the pan each morning, and lazy dozing cows, exhausted from a day’s bountiful feed, having relieved us of our morning and evening chores of feeding hay.

Their green grass billows in the wind.

Buttercups are abound too and Wren puts them to her nose and then picks them for me one by one, until they overcrowd the cup sitting on the unused wood stove, filling the time it takes me to get dinner on the table.

And I do.

Iced mint tea can be made at a moment’s notice just off the back deck and we can eat outside.

Grass clippings grant our yard the sweetest perfume and dandelion crowns adorn their little heads.

Spring is popsicle’d faces for dessert.

Spring is a season of renew.

I await another special baby to come into existence for a dearest friend, keeping my phone within arm’s reach, and I hold my own babe to my chest in the carrier, while I do the day’s dishes. Another day is setting on me again.

My hands are so busy, my home is so full. I must remind myself to exhale, and to remember there are messy faces to wipe and dishes to do because we have food to eat. There are outdoor chores because we have a yard to do them in. There are heaps of laundry because we are able to clothe our children. We have bills to pay because of the home we are able to keep, and my husband is busy because his craft keeps him in demand.

My brain races during this oddly blissful and hectic postpartum season, but I can rest, too.

We have enough.

There is always so much.


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